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Craps want to put on a Dutch site set must make the choice for the name of the game terms. We have chosen the English names because these are most common and recognizable everywhere. Moreover, many of these terms can also be found on the Craps table. For those who have more difficulty with the English language: do not worry, the number of terms is limited and they are all short and concise. Where necessary or possible, we have posted translations of the terms in parentheses.

Craps is a dice game, one of the oldest known forms of play. Already in ancient times there were variants known, though we do not always sure what was at stake. It seems in any case that throwing dice has always had two faces: a mystical shape and form of a game. If the first form would be a little reliable it was a huge help when playing Craps: you throw the dice to come to know whether you are going to win throwing some dice. Nevertheless, whole tribes believed in the outcome of the stones, to this day! The stones, as we know, are of later date.

The first forms of dice that we know were actually sticks, which were symbols and numbers sometimes applied. It is obvious that materials were used, which accounts were available: shells, animal teeth, sticks, and natural stone. Must have been with carved stones, until finally the known dice became in vogue. Variants soon These were made from animal bones, a material that was widely available and easy to edit. Later dice made of ivory. It is a known fact that you can influence by editing the stones. Outcome of the stones A small, barely visible, rounding a corner can do a lot. In casinos dice are therefore used with very sharp edges, which are constantly being replaced by new stones. The old stones are then marked and can not be used, at least not in the casino itself. Who knows later generations will further the thinking that what marked dice to mean, as scholars of our time were excited when a set of stone was found in Pakistan, was 4500 years old and marked with the numbers 1/6 m, exactly what we still use today! The game Craps, because that's what this is, had many variants, of which the French variant 'Hazard' (coincidence) the most played in the past centuries. The game was particularly popular among soldiers, who drove along the boredom. Moreover, you could easily take dice course. With a pool table that was more difficult. The name Craps came in the nineteenth century only in vogue, but still there were known many variations to a Mr. John Winn (itself a dice maker) took it upon himself to make the tooth a casino variant at the end of the 19th century of time has passed happy.