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One of the points of discussion in the House during the debate on the new Gaming Authority (Kea) was the theme of the misleading advertising of lotteries and the like. It certainly win a car or a cruise in a tropical water, while there is no question of that must be eradicated.

In the Netherlands, in particular, the state lottery a few times on the knuckles or otherwise taken on the grain, but in it happens with regularity. The last provider of gambling, which can sit in the penalty box. Advertising is all too often a form of deception, a bin full of exaggeration, deceit and deception. The consumer programs have their hands full to put after new reports of whole tribes were gerund in a commercial.

Poor viewers back on track Now our unforgettable writer Reentrant Tag ore once said in a radio program that a story is only really interesting when the narrator is lying. Then there is one aspect of the human spirit added that a real story never has, namely the imagination. Decorating the reality in the narrative a generally accepted.

In the ordinary trade everyday, however we miss it as toothache and so had that one complainant also absolutely right that William Hill in a spot the many tricked by a bonus of £ 150 to promise for new customers with additional text 'minimum deposit of £ 35 required. See conditions. "Who then dug a little further discovered that the bonus in the event of a deposit of £ 35 did not exceed 35 pounds and not 150 pounds, as the ad suggested.  A common practice in online casino country, but you also just let us know. The English version of our Advertising Code ASAP (Advertising Standards Authority) there was certainly not amused and banned the advertising. It's fine that online casinos all bonus offers to send the world but it should be immediately clear how the fork is in the stem. That's not to how often a bonus 'played around' should become clear in a sentence okay, there can live with. However, the size of a bonus, and how these can be obtained, which should be readily apparent.